About Us

Here at Haywood Smokehouse we aren’t interested in being just another BBQ joint. Our process is long and difficult, but it’s what sets us apart from the rest. We begin with the highest quality, all natural cuts of meat, which means no hormones and no steroids. Our meats are high-quality, fresh, never frozen. Some in the industry cook at central locations, or worse buy pre-smoked products and reheat them, we believe that to produce the highest quality possible, you can’t cut corners.  Once our meats have been properly seasoned, using the very freshest of spices, we then slow cook in our pits every day, using only native hickory.

None of our meats are sauced during the smoking process. This is how we were taught when we traveled the country on the BBQ competition circuit. Great meat should stand on its own. We view sauce as a complement to the  meat’s flavor, not a way to hide the dryness. Our Briskets are smoked between 16-20 hours and our Butts from 14-18 hours. We also cook our ribs and chicken twice a day, ensuring you get a juicy and tender product. The most difficult aspect of operating a  Smokehouse is knowing how much meat to cook. Frequently, there may be times when we are sold out of a favorite dish, while it may disappoint some, it's the reality of doing things fresh daily. If you know you are going to be coming to eat with us, please feel free to call. We will make sure we have what you are wanting to eat.

Being born and raised in the south, our recipes are greatly influenced by traditional Southern Culture. Collard greens, creamy coleslaw, and cracklin’ cornbread are always likely to stay on our menu, but, we aren’t afraid to get out of the box and try Cajun, Tex-Mex, or other regional cuisines. Producing quality meats gives us the flexibility to make a variety of recipes better. The same level of pride and effort that goes into our meat also goes into our sides, sauces, and desserts.      

We absolutely stand behind our food and if you don’t love it, please let your server know immediately and we will replace it.

We understand we are only as good as our last meal.

Thanks, Brenda and Joe