Are you looking for a great opportunity?  We're hiring!  

If you enjoy the hospitality industry - building relationships, learning new skills, and being part of a talented and hard working team - then we have just the right spot for you.

Haywood Smokehouse is a great place to eat because we're a great place to work.  We want happy, well-fed customers who have good things to say about us.  And we offer competitive wages. 

At Haywood Smokehouse we're always looking for talented people who love the food and beverage industry. Send us an email with a resume, or give us the following in an email:

1) A brief summary of your work history. 

2) What skills you bring to the table (get it? to the table?)

3) Your availability (for example, are you a student looking for evenings, or do you prefer days?). 

4)  How you learned about Haywood Smokehouse.


Send that to:


You'll be on your way to a great job, making great money, with great people.